Quick Google Update

Well, in case you haven't noticed by now, Gmail was expanded to over 2GB of space per user on April 1 (and this was no joke). If youc combine this with the unofficial SDK, which you can read more about in plain English on the GMail Wiki, then you can start to see why this 2GB can be a lot of fun. Examples include using your GMail account to archive Gmail messages in mbox format, using it SMTP server, a POP server,
and an FTP server!

The more interesting news is the new update to Google maps.
Google owns Keyhole. Keyhole takes satellite photos. Keyhole is now integrated with Google Maps. Google maps is written in XML. myGmaps takes advantage of the XML by piggybacking on Googlemaps' engine so one can create their own custom maps. myGmaps is infinitely cooler with satellite photos. Engadget kicks ass because they wrote a tutorial on interesting ways to use myGmaps (including having it follow you route with GPS)

For more advanced map hacking, check out Google Maps Standalone Mode
more advanced maphacking and bookmarklets