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Updated GoolgeX Mirror

This GoogleX Mirror adds a much more Mac-like interface and the ability to check Gmail, Google Answers and more.

SickMODE Networks update! Metal Babble drone/noise album & updated visual section!

SickMODE Networks drops a brand new release and updates the visual section as well.

'Metal Babble - a beginners guide to space exploration' takes you on a smooth yet psychologically seering ride with a terrain of harsh atmospheres and near death experiences.

And as always, you can grab this sci-fi drone/noise album and other albums FREE from the releases section at

---Direct link to new album.

A Guide to the Flickr Photosharing Service - Yahoo's Newest Purchase

Yahoo Buys FlickrLucidcorp's Flickr, perhaps the Internet’s best photo-sharing service, has just been acquired by Yahoo. This means that the relatively small Internet startup favored heavily by bloggers will go from relative obscurity to mass market discovery in a very short period of time. Now seems like a perfect time to have a guide available for those who want to acquaint themselves with a service that will soon become a household name.

Google Launches Site for Developers

Over the last few months, Google has been allowing software developers to taste a piece of the Google pie by allowing developers to build their own applications using Google technology. Today, Google opened its doors wide to programmers-at-large and launched a sub-site called Google Code which is "Google’s place for Open Source Software."

Google’s recently released APIs are all accessible from here as well as links to new open-source, developer-oriented libraries and tools that have been in active use by the engineers at the Mountain View Googleplex. The open-source projects are being hosted by SourceForge, so people will start using and developing these tools very quickly.

"You Take 5" Contest

Tell a story in five photos, and you could win an awesome trip for yourself and five friends to check out the world premiere of FEAST, the 2004 Project Greenlight film. The prize includes round-trip air travel, a 3-night stay at the Palms Hotel & Casino, a HP 945 Digital Camera, and a year's worth of batteries! You also get insider access as a red carpet photographer to the premiere. This contest is limited to digital photography, and the photos entered cannot be modified in any way. Contest ends September 30, 2005.

Google Hints at Online OS with GoogleX

Update: GoogleX seems to have been taken offline, but it is mirrored here

GoogleX is the OSX-style interface for GoogleAt first glance, GoogleX doesn’t seem like anything huge. Essentially, it is just another way to view Google’s homepage in a way that is a “tribute” to Mac OSX. It features a “dock” navigation system much like a Mac. However, when one thinks about this interface and combines it with the recent Google developments, one starts to see a trend toward something much bigger.

A9 Offers Google Serious Competition with OpenSearch Technology

a9 opensearch"We want OpenSearch to do for search what RSS has done for content."

There is a whole lot of information on the Internet (and by Internet, I mean more than the Web), and Google can’t find it all.’s search engine A9 has decided to try and tackle this problem by allowing sites and databases that have their own search engines whose contents are not constantly indexed by Google to output their search results directly to This includes organizations such as The New York Times, Wikipedia, Flickr, BlogDigger, Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Creative Commons, Mozilla, Microsoft Developers Network, (Job Search), PubMed (National Library of Medicine), NASA and even the CIA. The full and quickly expanding list can be seen here.

For those of you who are not familiar with A9, it uses Google's search results as a starting point. On top of that, there are several “columns” that you can add to your search results, so you can simultaneously see Google’s web page results (enhanced by Alexa's site info and's own database) in one column, and image search results in another. However, with the addition of this OpenSearch technology, you can add another column full of search results from sites such as Wikipedia to view alongside your other A9 results. A9 already allows you to search inside books that have previews on and of course A9’s amazing Yellow Pages Search that will actually show a street-side photo of the business you’ve looked up.

Soundlab and Pax Elm Present

Soundlab & Pax Elm present:

Sunday, March 20th, end you weekend smiling...

Todd Sines [Planet E, 7th City, Residual, US]
Kean [Circus Company, FR]
Flip [Plug Research, US]
& Residents Benjamin Lebrave & Kamahele

9-2am | $5 w/rsvp $10 w/out | 21+
Located at : Barcopa, 2810 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

The Full Memphis Story - Shots Fired at Police with Bush Nearby

From Memphis Newspaper Commercial Appeal

Shots fired at police with Bush nearby

By Sherri Drake
March 12, 2005

It's never a good idea, Memphis police said Friday, to pull a gun on police, especially when the leader of the free world is camped two blocks away.

Thursday night, officers from the Police Department, Secret Service and the Tennessee Highway Patrol saturated the area around The Peabody where President Bush was staying.

About 10:10 p.m., a 17-year-old, apparently oblivious to numerous police barricades and the swarm of federal agents, decided he'd fire several rounds at police officers when they approached him, about a block from the hotel, for looking suspicious.

Ricky Antonio Barber was loitering near parked cars at 296 Monroe when officers walked up.

He ran. They chased. He started firing.

"This guy did not even know the President was in town," said Insp. Matt McCann.

He found out pretty quickly when more officers joined the pursuit, chasing the pistol-toting teen down the street, through a vacant apartment and over a fence into AutoZone Park, dodging bullets as they ran.

Officers didn't fire back, but chased him through the park to Fourth and Union and arrested him at Third and Monroe.

Secret Service agents stayed put at the hotel at 149 Union.

Barber, also known as Ricky Antonio Cooper, was treated for a knee injury before being hauled to Juvenile Court. No officers were hurt.

Police said they have no idea what prompted the shooting.

"Can't read these guys' minds," McCann said.

Barber, listed in police records as a GED student, is charged with four counts of aggravated assault, vandalism, criminal trespass and evading arrest.

President George W. Bush Shot at During Failed Assassination Attempt in Memphis, Tenessee

This is not yet 100% confirmed, but we received an anonymous tip that a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee has been locked down by the Secret Service because someone tried to shoot President George W. Bush (who was staying at the hotel) from across the street. We do know that he was in Alabama earlier today, so the story seems plausible. We will try to find out more if this is true.

If not, oh well. No bad wishes. If this is true, remember, you heard it here first!

"There was a failed assassination attempt on the American president either late March 10, 2005 or early March, 11 2005."