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Ableton Live Version 5 Beta Available for Download

"Many predict a new step in technology that could possibly amount to a format revolution, blending the role of producer and performer closer together than ever before."

Ableton, the Berlin music software producer has recently announced that its Live 5 software package is about to be released. All website visitors can now download a time limited, functional demo which gives a taste of the forthcoming full version.

"Version 5 adds our users' most sought-after features," says Ableton CEO Gerhard Behles. In part, due to the clever usage of message boards and wishlists from existing users, the team displayed a clear dedication to the desires of the professional users, which seems a winning strategy.

Dance Like a Machine



Web Site:

Event Restrictions:

Mondays are going to pump!!! New Techno & Electro weekly coming to Hollywood starting Aug. 8th. It's LOCALS night every monday plus guests !!!!!!!
gonna be showcasing only quallity techno and electro.
free of course !!!!
Mondays August 8th
Dance Like a Machine @ MBAR (Hollywood/LA)
techno.detroit.electro.funk...deep rhythmic techno
special guest DJ weekly
DJ SUBVERSIVE [DroidBehavior, LA]
OLIE [XolMusic, DLAM, LA]
1030-2am | FREE !!! | 21+ | Full Bar
located: MBar 1253 N. Vine St., LA 90038
(at Fountain in Hollywood/LA)
valet or street parking

Los Angeles Techno Magazine "D-Node" Launches

"LA based techno organization Droid Behavior has released their first issue in a series of independent publications. D-NODE issue1 is available online and in stores around socal.

D-NODE is dedicated to the coverage of Southern California's electronic music movement and global influences.

*think by ed luna of ele_mental
*new methods of digital distribution
*event reviews/event calander
*interview w/ mark verbos

Livejournal Jumps on the Tagging Bandwagon

That's right. Livejournal has just added Tagging to their system.

I guess, in a way though, users were tagged with their interests before this change.

Nokia Launches Bluetooth-based Social Networking

Mobile Social Software (sometimes stupidly referred to as "MoSoSo") has caught my interest as of late. Basically, think of services like Friendster, Myspace, Tribe and Orkut but using cellphones and PDAs instead of having to sit down at a computer. Dodgeball is probably the most wellknown Mososo out there (which will notify the people on your friends list when your are nearby), but Nokia's recently released Sensor application for Bluetooth phones may soon become very popular.

The concept is very simple. Bluetooth technology basically acts like a radio transmitter that is always on. Most people use bluetooth for things like wireless headsets (to wireless transfer voice data over the airwaves from your phone to your headset) or to wirelessly sync up data (such as your phone book, notes, to-do lists, etc) between your computer and your PDA or phone.


This group is offered by Richard and Sonador for all horse lovers.

New ".XXX" Top Level Domain to Create a Virtual Red Light District for Online Porn

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) are the group of people that brought us the .com .net and .org. Now, they have just approved a motion to introduce a new ".xxx" domain that will create a new virtual red-light district on the Internet.

It is no secret that pornography has seeped into many corners of the Internet and it has become increasingly hard to control. The hope is that adult content providers will voluntarily embrace the new .xxx domain in order to relieve pressure from family groups who seek easier ways to block adult content from their children.

Crying While Eating

The Internet never ceases to amaze me with its ability to collect things and then present them on a website. Hysterical AND disturbing.

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A non-self-righteous Apple feature post

This isn't new, but it's interesting and fun in terms of new uses for semi-new technology. All new powerbooks have a motion sensor to stop the hard drives to prevent damage in case you drop it. These sensors are quite sensitive, so much so that their output is precise enough to use physical movement of the computer to control programs and elements onscreen:
The Apple Motion Sensor As A Human Interface Device

Just check out the video of playing netball by tilting the computer to see a simple implementation of this software.

BBC releases API to the web.

It seems like lately, companies have been less protective of their content and more willing to share. The BBC has decided to let users on the web develop their own web applications driven by BBC content by releasing a publicly available API today at

They encourage people to go play, so go at it!