Google Launches Site for Developers

Over the last few months, Google has been allowing software developers to taste a piece of the Google pie by allowing developers to build their own applications using Google technology. Today, Google opened its doors wide to programmers-at-large and launched a sub-site called Google Code which is "Google’s place for Open Source Software."

Google’s recently released APIs are all accessible from here as well as links to new open-source, developer-oriented libraries and tools that have been in active use by the engineers at the Mountain View Googleplex. The open-source projects are being hosted by SourceForge, so people will start using and developing these tools very quickly.

One can keep track of updates via the various Google Groups attached to each project and API, or they can just subscribe to the ATOM feeds.

Google says it plans to feature applications that make use of their code and API's, so if you have developed something that you would like to see featured on Google Code, you can e-mail Chris DiBona and Greg Stein of the Open Source team at

One of the more subtle interesting things about this site is that if you look at the organizations that Google is taking part in, the Mozilla foundation is definitely one of them. There has been some speculation for awhile about some sort of Google browser. Could this be a hint of that?

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