Google Hints at Online OS with GoogleX

Update: GoogleX seems to have been taken offline, but it is mirrored here

GoogleX is the OSX-style interface for GoogleAt first glance, GoogleX doesn’t seem like anything huge. Essentially, it is just another way to view Google’s homepage in a way that is a “tribute” to Mac OSX. It features a “dock” navigation system much like a Mac. However, when one thinks about this interface and combines it with the recent Google developments, one starts to see a trend toward something much bigger.

Let’s look at recent Google Developments:

Google Desktop just graduated out of Beta.

GMail, the free 1 GB Web Mail service, no longer requires invites to join since one in every 20 visits to offers a free account.

Google released the new version of incredible image viewing and sharing software Picasa with photo sharing and messaging over

Google started to make both Print and Video searchable.

There are far too many romours about a Google Calendar

Google Maps. Wow.

Earlier, AYM Network commented that Google Desktop was simply not as good as the other Desktop Search tools (Yahoo Desktop Search and Copernic are definitely much better), but it was possible that Google may have been taking a different development path. There has been a lot of speculation regarding a "Google OS" lately, and it looks like they are trying to make us rely less and less on our desktop and more and more on the Internet.

A9 may have the better search engine and Yahoo is doing some really spectacular things lately. In fact, Yahoo can currently match Google feature-for-feature and then some, but Google has something big up its sleeve. I can smell it in the air.

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