Player-created Virtual Content Gets Real-Life Licensing

Second Life is a virtual 3D world where players can fully interact with their environment. They have the ability to create 3D masterpieces, and write custom programming.

Kermitt Quirk is a Second Life resident who created an addictive game called Tringo (which is a cross between Tetris and Bingo). Kermitt designed the game over his Christmas break, but in the past few weeks, the came has become so popular that one in four Second Life events were based on Tringo matches.

Tringo caught the eye of a fellow player, who in real life was Sean Ryan -- the Vice President of Music Services at Real Networks, former CEO of and now founder of Donnerwood Media. After some heavy negotiating, Donnerwood will be releasing Tringo to gamers in the real world.

This is a landmark first. Since Second Life allows its players to own the intellectual property rights to any player-created content, a game created within a virtual world has aquired real-life licensing outside of that world. For more information on Tringo, click here.