[House/Breaks/Techno] Ninja Night 2

Ninja Skillz Music proudly presents - Ninja Night 2
Ninja Skillz Music Presents:

NINJA NIGHT 2: More Ninja-Esque than Ninja Night 1!
Featuring 2 rooms of Insane Ninja Action at a very cool Dowtown location!

The Garden:
Wolfie ( djwolfie.com )
Porter Tinsley ( portertinsley.com )
Apple Dove Pocket ( Jesse Wright & Cody Lee )
Sammy Bliss ( Ninja Skillz )
Saynt ( Ninja Skillz )

The Temple:
Brian McGuire ( Next Wednesdays )
Jupiter ( The Do Lab )
Hyjynx ( djhyjynx.com> )
Mark Zabala ( Ninja Skillz )

Located at:
Casey's Pub and Grill (Downtown LA)
613 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
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21+ 8pm - 2am

Make sure to come early, as the event will reach capacity early and you don't wanna miss any of these DJs!

$10 at the door, $5 if you show up rocking an Asian/Ninja style costume!

Participation is HIGHLY encouraged. Tell a friend, Tell 30, Tell your whole clan!

Enter the Ninja.

Attention Pirates: WE KNOW.

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