Animal-Human Hybrids Create Ethics Debate

Based on this MUST READ National Geographic article.

Although digital technology has certainly made our lives easier, biotechnology and genetic engineering are making us face substantial ethical questions that humans have never had to face before. If some scientists have their way, humans may not be the only species making the ethical questions that change the world.

With our new mastery over DNA and embryonic science, scientists now have the ability to start creating human-animal hybrids called “chimeras” after the mythological Greek hybrid creatures. Why would do such a thing? Currently, the primary reason seems to be the harvesting of human organs and cells for research and for transplants. However, with scientists at Stanford planning on creating mice with a living human brain as early as this year (although mice with human neurons were already created in 2001), there is much debate in the scientific community as to what ethical lines should be drawn. .

We here at AYM Network are all about racing the future, but given the powers of gods, are we moving too fast or not fast enough?