10 Things AYM Network Does Well

Effective Design

AYM Network has been designing for both print and the Web for over a decade. At every point in our process, we consider the best way to visually communicate a message while staying true to your branding strategy. Whether you need a richly-animated multimedia experience, an informative flyer or brochure, or a web site built for speed and usability, our talented team of designers will develop a solution to fit your needs.

Content Management

We believe that your website should belong to you. Brilliant ideas come at all times of the day, and those ideas can be now shared with the world immediately without having to learn a computer language fist. This is why we build sites that allow the most novice of users to be able to regularly ui pdate and categorize content. We specialize in building sites on top of the Drupal, Joomla and WordPress publishing platforms in order to give you the power and flexibility you need without all of the headaches.

Community Websites

A few years ago, companies used to spend big budgets on websites that would only be visited once or twice. People would get the information they needed and quickly surf to the next site. Today’s web is different. People use the web as virtual meeting place in order to share and discuss information. We build community-based websites where people can interact with one another and discuss your products and services.

Interactive Multimedia

The tremendous increase in bandwidth and processing power have led to the widespread use of music, video and animation all over the web. Our staff can help you join this online revolution with their expertise in Podcasting, Actionscript, Adobe Flash animations and more. We also have an extensive network of partners that can offer full audio and video production services as well as more experimental multimedia experiences such as a presence in the persistent 3d virtual world of SecondLife.

Syndication and Aggregation

It used to be that a person would go from website to website in order to get the information they needed. This is no longer the case. In today's web, the information you publish on your site can be instantaneously sent to a variety of sources. Syndication is like having your own internet news wire service that can be subscribed to by other websites, journalists, staff and customers. This can also work the other way around where your website can automatically publish news feeds in order to become a regularly-visited source of information.

Web 2.0 Standards

We build sites that will keep up with the quickly evolving pace of the web. If terms like RSS, AJAX, CSS, FOAF, XML-RPC, SOAP, WAP and others give you a headache, let us ease that tension. AYM Network regularly keeps up with the new formats that are popping up around the web every day. We are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each format, how they operate with one another, and how to program a site so that it will fall back on more established standards if a browser is unable to handle new technologies.

Search Engine Optimization

It can take a lot of resources to publicize your website, and it can all go to waste if you are not reaching your target audience. This is why we firmly believe in developing sites that are easily indexed by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. We take steps to get your site as close to the top of those search results as possible. Whether it involves submitting your website to various directories, automatically generating Search Engine Friendly URLs, obtaining links from other popular sites or more, we will get the results you need.

Marketing, Statistics and Metrics

Whether you need to launch a targeted Myspace campaign or a Google Adwords campaign, or priceless word of mouth advertising through blogs and forums, we can help you obtain the results you desire. We use a variety of tracking tools to monitor your current performance and traffic. Based on that data, we are able to determine the effectiveness of your current ad placement and keywords as well as what areas your company can improve on. We can develop a marketing strategy that will attract new customers on a regular basis.


Doing business over the internet can seem like an intimidating process, but we can walk you through this complicated maze step-by-step. Let us handle the process of creating a merchant account, setting up your payment gateway, obtaining an SSL certificate for secure transactions and more. Afterward, we will train you on how to populate your store with your items and services. When combined with our Search Engine Optimization services and Internet Marketing strategies, your company will experience a significant increase in sales.

Training and Consulting

Our knowledgeable and friendly experts can share their knowledge with you and your staff so that you can take your business to the next level. Much of today's software and new web standards require a lot of time to sit down and learn. Instead of picking up a book that you will never have time to read, schedule an appointment with us so we can teach you in an easily understood and practical manner. Learn by working through examples and never feel left behind again.