Spacelook - Advanced Message Management for Myspace

I have over 7000+ friends on Myspace. I don't go around adding random strangers, but I pretty much accept any request that comes in. Now, as you can imagine, this has resulted in a whole lot of spam and irrelevant messages. It becomes incredibly tedious to find any of the important messages that might come in.

Now, I COULD just start a brand new myspace profile, but much like changing a long-established e-mail address, it can be a real pain and people will continue messaging me at my old profile anyway.

Welcome to Spacelook. It attempts to be like an Outlook for Myspace. Now, I have no idea whether or not this violates Myspace's TOS, but I suggest grabbing it while you can if you have more than 1000+ contacts. It downloads ALL of your messages locally so you don't have to tediously wait for each page to load in between messages.

The only downsides are that there is a lack of a search function, and you can't approve or deny comments from the program. If you had that plus advanced user management, it would be PERFECT.

However, it kind of makes me think that if Microsoft built in social networking functions into Office, they would completely own the field. Attached Vcard's could just be replaced by links to someone's online business profile.