Yahoo buys, E-bay buys Skype, and much more tech news

Yahoo bought the awesome social event calendar There goes my hopes for integrating Dodgeball with upcoming. However, Yahoo has been making very smart purchases lately (consider Flickr.

E-bay bought the Free P2P-VoIP company (Peer-to-peer Voice Over IP -- aka... internet phone service) Skype for $2.6 billion. What this will probably mean initially is that bidders can expect to talk to sellers instantly over voice. What this will probably mean eventually is that none of us will have to pay for phone service in a few years (like e-mail or instant messaging).

Marc Andreesen of Netscape fame launches which allows users to buiild their own social applications like craigslist, flickr, hot or not, etc.

The not-quite-beta version of Flock is released into the wild. Flock is a new web browser made by some of the Mozilla/Firefox guys. It looks to be a significant jump in web browser technology and may very well overtake Firefox and Internet Explorer as the browser to beat. Bookmarks are now replacing favorites, but the bookmarks are integrated with your social bookmarking account. You can tag your bookmarks right from your browser! Also, it is a blogging application with drag and drop functionality and Flickr integration. It is attempting to make the one-way browser a thing of the past. The web is now about to become FULLY interactive. This is the first web 2.0 browser.

Microsoft offers thousands of fre e-books online for free.

As a final little todbit, this has to be the coolest implementation of Ajax and the Google Maps API I've seen in a awhile... Google Maps + Chat

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