Free Copies of Onfolio 2.0 Feed Reader Until August 8th

Have you run across those little orange "RSS" or "XML" buttons on a site (such as the one on the bottom-right corner of this site) and had no idea what they are? Welcome to the world of Syndication.

Basically, if you wish you could read the content of multiple blogs and news sites without having to visit each individual web page, now you can. "Feed Readers," sometimes called "News Aggregators," collect the latest content from any site that offers an RSS/XML feed and presents them to you in one easily-accessible place.

One of the best news aggregators available today is Onfolio v2.0. What separates Onfolio from most aggregators is that it is built into your web browser (and if you're smart, you'll be surfing the web with Firefox instead of that other browser which is slower, less functional and less secure. Usually, the personal edition is $29.95, but O'Reilly (the company that makes many of the best computer books) is celebrating the opening of it's new site, Annoyances Central, by giving away registered copies of Onfolio here until August 8th. Go get it while it's free!

Personally, my favorite feed reader is an open-source desktop aggregator (a free, standalone program that operates very similarly to Microsoft Outlook) called RSS Bandit, but since it's free, you can download that any time.