Nokia Launches Bluetooth-based Social Networking

Mobile Social Software (sometimes stupidly referred to as "MoSoSo") has caught my interest as of late. Basically, think of services like Friendster, Myspace, Tribe and Orkut but using cellphones and PDAs instead of having to sit down at a computer. Dodgeball is probably the most wellknown Mososo out there (which will notify the people on your friends list when your are nearby), but Nokia's recently released Sensor application for Bluetooth phones may soon become very popular.

The concept is very simple. Bluetooth technology basically acts like a radio transmitter that is always on. Most people use bluetooth for things like wireless headsets (to wireless transfer voice data over the airwaves from your phone to your headset) or to wirelessly sync up data (such as your phone book, notes, to-do lists, etc) between your computer and your PDA or phone.

What Sensor does is it gives every user a picture and profile. It will wirelessly detect all sensor users in your proximity as far as your Bluetooth connection will go (which is typically about 30 feet but it can be hacked to go up to 3,000 ft) so you can view their profile and vice-versa. In theory, this would make it easier to approach complete strangers since you could already see if you share common interests.

Of course, some people might think this all sounds incredibly stupid. I mean, social networking within a 30-foot radius? Finding out what people's interests are? Can't you just go up and talk to a person and find this all out?

Well, yeah, sure.. but at least you know whether or not a person would feel uncomfortable before you start talking about videogames or BDSM.