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The YSlow extension for Firebug was the problem. I'm using the Flock browser (Based on the Mozilla, Firefox 3 Codebase). Hope that helps someone.

Searching for Employment Tips? How to Find a Good Job in a Bad Economy.

Times are tough. People have been getting laid off in every industry, and friends from all over have been asking me and others for some employment tips. This is the advice I have to offer to you this Thanksgiving.

Look in an industry that you are passionate about.

If you are excited about your industry, that excitement and energy will show through in everything from your resume to your interview. Many of us up in a career path we never intended to pursue, but if you start off in the right industry, you will be self-motivated to push yourself to excel.

Research, Research, Research.

Find out what companies in your targeted field are in your area. Where are they posting their job listings? Oftentimes, they might be listed by their parent company. Look up "jobs" or "job opportunities" or "employment" along with the names of the companies and industries that interest you. Try chaining those search terms with some location terms such as the city and state your hope to work in. Find your ideal workplace and see if there are similar companies in the area. Once you start reading over job listings, find out who is doing the hiring and who you will be reporting to. See if they have published anything, blogged, spoken at conferences, etc. This can give you a good idea of what strengths they are looking for in a candidate.

Tailor your resume to take any relevant skills you have learned in the past and emphasize how they can apply to your desired position. Don't "PAD" your resume, but don't undersell yourself either. Look at other resumes in your field for inspiration. Many people put their resumes and Curriculum Vitae (CV) online, and you may find a better way of phrasing your previous work experience. Do NOT steal from other resumes or otherwise lie. Background checks and references are very thorough and are often outsourced to outside companies who will verify all the information you present them. You should also assume you will be tested on your knowledge during your interview. Spend a LOT of time reviewing your resume and have other people look it over. If you know anyone in your targeted field or someone who has the position you are looking for, have them critique it.

Resumes should have NO mistakes. Personally, I am very likely to throw out a resume if it has a misspelling, a broken link, a typo, is not properly formatted, or shows other signs of carelessness because it shows that the person applying does not pay attention to detail.

Network to increase your chances for finding opportunities.

People want to be able to make sure they get along well with those they work with and that is oftentimes not necessarily something that can come across in an interview. Let's face it. We all love personal recommendations from trusted sources. Attend conferences, gatherings, networking events, parties, hikes, meetups, and any chance to be surrounded by people in the industry you hope to work in. A lot of opportunities come from being at the right place at the right time, so be in as many of the places as many times as possible.

Listen to them and learn from them. You want to give people in your targeted industry a sense of who you are and that you are really good at what you do or are motivated enough to learn. If you are not specifically at a business function, then people will not be there to talk about business. They are there to have fun. Relax, and share some of your knowledge with them. Remain genuine and true to yourself. The point of networking is simply to increase the probability of being put in touch with the people, organizations, information, or job opportunities you are seeking. Communication skills and people skills are essential in any company and this is part of honing that skill.

Network online as well. LinkedIn, Blogs, Facebook, and other sites are great ways to keep in touch with all of your contacts. However, don't abuse your network of friends. Help them out as much as possible so they will be happy to help you when you need them to. Introduce your contacts to each other and create those opportunities for them. Everyone wins when opportunities are created.

Research YOURSELF.

Companies will research you so you should OWN those first few pages of Google results. Keep questionable stuff off the radar with an alias, get familiar with those privacy settings on those social networking sites, and make sure your real name is put in a positive light on those first few pages of Google. Learn a little bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with "Reputation Management" and look at what practices and techniques you can use to improve your online presence.

Look up people who currently have the job you want. Who are perceived as experts in their field? Why do you perceive them that way? Try to emulate some of their actions. If you have friends who are in the job field you want, ask them for tips and recommendations.

Present yourself professionally.

Spend the $10 a year to get your own domain name. Nowadays, you can get cheap web hosting that is functional and reliable. As far as designs and programming goes, save some cash by going with a template from some place like and pay a designer to customize it for you or go with a blogging platform like WordPress which has many cheap and free templates available. Pick something clean and not too busy, and don't pick a Flash template as these are harder for search engines to index. They are also not great for copying and pasting content or for linking to particular sections. Content is more important than presentation, but the presentation should be professional. Make sure it is appropriate to the industry you are targeting.

Be really, really good at what you do.

If you are currently unemployed, this is the perfect time to go out there and read some books, news, and blogs about what is currently happening in your field. Read those Amazon book reviews and ratings to see what books come highly recommended. Post on web forums asking for advice in your field and see what people are linking to. When you come across a great resource, see what other sites link to it. These new sites may be your newest source of information. Subscribe to relevant site feeds that discuss your areas of interest. If you don't know what RSS is yet, get on it. It will give you an informational advantage. Google Reader is an easy way to keep track of site feeds. Find out what new tools and techniques people are using in your field and start practicing with them. You can list these on your resume once you are comfortable with them.

Did I mention Research?

Really learn how to search for things. Use Google Blog Search and News search for recent items. Learn how to search for similar items and items that link to particular pages.

As an example, I put in some job related terms on and found this interesting article on job interview tips.

Also try using the search functions of the following sites

So basically, be good at what you do. Learn how to get better at what you do. Find out who wants you and where the people in your industry spend time. Increase your online and offline presence. Learn from those around you and help them out when possible. Always present yourself appropriately. Be genuine. Finding the perfect job is all about engineering serendipity.

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Too Much Free Time? Clay Shirky Discusses Cognitivie Surplus at Web 2.0

Very few people understand the impacts of network-connected culture more than technology writer and NYU professor Clay Shirky. In this talk from the Web 2.0 conference, he discusses that society can shift radically once we shift our free time away from passive mediums such as television, to active, participatory mediums such as the Internet.

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Greasemonkey has always been one of the most powerful plugins for Firefox and Flock.  Although I mostly used it to make my Myspace experience a lot more pleasant, I've recently decided to start collecting Greasemonkey Scripts again.  Wow.  There are some real timesavers in here.  I've recently used it to supercharge my Gmail with scripts that will change the layout to something more visually appealing, add a "feeds" button that intergates with Google Reader, and even a collapsable feed box that is viewed alongside my regular mail.  Oh, and adding feeds to Google Reader is really easy with the Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button.  Also, a lot of people don't know that Google reader does import and export OPML files so it is really easy to make the transition from your current feed reader.  There is a lot more I'm doing with it of course having mostly to due with shortcuts, events, etc, but I'll get to that some other time.

Bookmarklet to Delete Myspace User

I have a LOT of friends on Myspace and receive a LOT of spam. I always found it rather awkward that I needed to go to "Edit Friends" and go through pages of people just to delete one annoying user, so I created two bookmarklets. One will delete the user you are currently viewing from your list of friends (provided that their userid is in the URL) and the other prompts you for their UserID. Just click this and drag the links below into your bookmarks bar.
Delete This User
Delete This Id

Spacelook - Advanced Message Management for Myspace

I have over 7000+ friends on Myspace. I don't go around adding random strangers, but I pretty much accept any request that comes in. Now, as you can imagine, this has resulted in a whole lot of spam and irrelevant messages. It becomes incredibly tedious to find any of the important messages that might come in.

Now, I COULD just start a brand new myspace profile, but much like changing a long-established e-mail address, it can be a real pain and people will continue messaging me at my old profile anyway.

Welcome to Spacelook. It attempts to be like an Outlook for Myspace. Now, I have no idea whether or not this violates Myspace's TOS, but I suggest grabbing it while you can if you have more than 1000+ contacts. It downloads ALL of your messages locally so you don't have to tediously wait for each page to load in between messages.

Free Independent Journalist Josh Wolf and Support Bloggers Rights!

I always make it a point to surround myself with really good people. I've always had a feeling that some of the people in my circle of friends would go down in history as someone of real importance, and it has finally happened.

A good friend of mine, Josh Wolf, was pretty active in our local music scene before he moved away. We'd go out to events, hang out, talk about life and various important issues of the day. Many of his friends often associated him with his video skills. He was the first one of my friends to get one of those sweet, professional-grade DVCAMs awhile back, and I knew that he took his film career far more seriously than any of my other friends at the time. After all, it took him quite awhile to be able to afford one of those video cameras.

Soon, he became known as one of the Internet's first video bloggers, and he published vlogs years before YouTube even came into existence. Now Josh, like most good people, wanted to use his knowledge to actually do some good in the world. He started the independent internet media network RUN (Rise Up Network) because he wanted something like the station Current TV, but he wanted the videographers to maintain the rights to their videos and not be censored in what they could or couldn't show.

Recently, he videotaped a demonstration protesting the G8 summit in San Fransisco and was one of the only journalists present since protests are often not covered by mainstream media. However, this protest turned unruly, and it resulted in some so naturally his footage was suddenly in high demand. He had posted an edited version of this footage on his web site and local news media took an interest in it. He sold his footage (although some of it wwas initially used without his permission) and it was aired on San Francisco television news stations. That, and previous acts of his, certainly grants him status as an independent journalist. California has Shield Laws to protect journalists like Josh, but there is no federal equivalent.

Well, the feds have decided that they want to see his unedited footage and threatened him with imprisonment if he didn't hand his tapes over. Now, I'm not Josh, but I'm sure several things must have been running through his head. If he turns over his tapes, he will identify his journalistic sources on video and they will probably be investigated, harassed and possibly prosecuted regardless of whether or not they were involved with any of the unruly behavior at the protest. After that, he will no longer be granted access to videotape and document future political events in his community because they will shun him as a being a spy for the federal government out to quell freedom of speech. Imagine if the Washington Post were forced to reveal videotapes of Deepthroat during the Watergate scandal. What sources would talk to any of the journalists at that newspaper after that? An action like this would essentially ruin his career and probably destroy the online Rise Up Network he founded.

Also, Josh Wolf is no Robert Novak. He does not have the teams of lawyers and legal defense resources protecting a journalist's right to protect his or her sources like thosew working at large news gathering corporations do. However, California has relatively strong Shield Laws to help independent Journalists. One would think he would be protected, but something unexpected happened. During the protest, a cop car was destroyed. The FBI claimed that cop cars are partially funded by federal money, and since a cop car was destroyed during the protest, he is to be processed under federal law and is no longer protected by California's Shield Laws protecting the right of independent journalists. They say they want to see the unedited tapes because it may contain footage of the cop car's destruction, but Josh maintains that he has no such footage. So they gave Josh an ultimatum. Hand over the unedited tapes or go to federal prison for a year.

Josh is now serving his sentence and he needs our help.,8599,1222780,00.html

and Google and Yahoo can point you to more...

Actually, I shouldn't have spoken on behalf of Josh Wolf's thoughts. Here's an excerpt from his interview with

Tell us about your rationale in deciding not to hand over the video tapes. How much of it was about protecting your sources, or activists caught on tape, and how much of it was about First Amendment rights?
Wolf: First and foremost, this issue should be a state issue. The federal grand jury is investigating the alleged attempted damage to a San Francisco police vehicle. That is the subject of the investigation. If an S.F. police vehicle is considered federal property, then what isn't federal property? Your school? Even City Hall itself. I'm not sure that that extension is accurate, but it's not very much of a stretch and that is very disturbing.

Beyond that, I should be protected in the state system by the California shield law. The state of California, the local jurisdiction, has made no attempts to try to get this footage. This is an attempt of the federal government circumventing the state protections for who knows what purpose. Something tells me that it's about more than damage to a San Francisco police vehicle. And it's a scary position when you have the government acting in such a coercive, secretive manner. The fact that I am a journalist and should be protected is a very big part of it. When I went in and began documenting this movement, I gave my word to numerous people that I would only publish what my discretion allowed and beyond that would not turn over additional material. So they are sources in a different sort of way than the Judith Miller case, but there still is an element of protecting sources and also protecting people's right to privacy and freedoms of association.

It is no surprise that several civil liberties groups and journalists support Josh Wolf including former New York Times reporter Judith Miller who spent 85 days in jail last year for being in a somewhat similar situation. You can see the video at :<

Now, despite some national coverage, Josh SERIOUSLY needs our help. The feds have basically said to him, "hand over the tapes and you go free" and he is sticking to his ethics and integrity. Unfortunately, a will of steel will not pay the the thousands of dollars in legal fees that are mounting... and that's not counting the fees required to keep his apartment, jail costs, and more.

Things you can do to support for Josh

Write to Josh at:
Joshua Selassie Wolf 98005-111
FCI Dublin
Federal Correctional Institution
5701 8th St. Camp-Parks, Unit J-2
Dublin, CA 94568

Josh has recieved his maximum number books allowed in his cell. We will update everyone when he needs more reading material. He can still recieve magazines, letters and photocopied materials.

Unfortunately Josh's visits are limited to his immediate family and his lawyer.

For information on prison mail regulations and tips on letter writing
please visit:

Josh Wolf Wiki

Free Josh Blog

And of course his site which his mother is currently maintaining.

Several people have started throwing benefit concerts and fundraising dance events including me and my friends. Check his wiki or blog for updated details about how you can get involved in your area.

Congratulations Josh. At 24-years-old, you have gone down in history as the first Blogger to be hunted down by the feds and you didn't give up. You are my new hero.

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Yahoo buys, E-bay buys Skype, and much more tech news

Yahoo bought the awesome social event calendar There goes my hopes for integrating Dodgeball with upcoming. However, Yahoo has been making very smart purchases lately (consider Flickr.

E-bay bought the Free P2P-VoIP company (Peer-to-peer Voice Over IP -- aka... internet phone service) Skype for $2.6 billion. What this will probably mean initially is that bidders can expect to talk to sellers instantly over voice. What this will probably mean eventually is that none of us will have to pay for phone service in a few years (like e-mail or instant messaging).

AYM Network Update: Spammers Are Going DOWN!

This site is officially declaring a War on Spam. We gone through and deleted every single spam comment and trackback on this site, and I'm implementing a bunch of spam filters. Also, all trackbacks must be manually approved by the site administrators.

One person thought it was us who was promoting online gambling, sex aids, and other various things. They even mentioned that they were going to add AYM Network to their host's kill file. This is just wrong. The spammers are going to pay.