Google Acquires Dodgeball

Dodgeball is kind of like Friendster/Myspace/Tribe/Orkut/Ryze for cellphones (and laptops and PDAs).  Basically, you have your profiles and your friends lists, but you also have venues you can check into.  So, if I'm going to the Ninja Penguin Art Experience on Saturday at Basswerks in Los Angeles, I text message Dodgeball with "@Basswerks" and it will text message my friends and let them know that I'm there.  It will also tell the friends of my friends in a 10 block radius that I'm there if they want to come visit me.

Okay.  So dodgeball has been around for awhile.  Why my excitement you ask?  Well, imagine integration with Google Local and Google Maps.  BAM!  All of a sudden, you can get markers of where your friends are (scary and cool) as well as directions to where all the cool parties are at...  better venue information, etc.  That right.  The Internet as we know it is still in its baby stage.  Blending the internet with the REAL WORLD like this is something completely different.

Now Google just needs to buy and I'll be truly happy.  I need to work for these guys.  My predicitions are totally coming true (except Yahoo bought Flickr and Google is stupid for not getting to them first (even though I like Yahoo).

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