Animal Cyborg Technology a Reality

Wired has an interesting article on the future of animal cyborgs. I'm a little skeptical of all the bioengineering that has been going on lately, but developing devices that give animals an advantage (such as night vision goggles for rodents) doesn't seem like a terribly bad idea to me.

The only thing that seems a little sketchy is the idea that we can trap animals in a virtual "Matrix" where they would live in a paradise and have their pleasure sensors stimulated while their body is rotting away in the real world. Now, I suppose it's better than making them suffer a living hell ina factory farm, but it would be nice if we improved their living conditions in their real world too.

Then again, just like in The Matrix, if our minds our living a fully satisfying life, then does it even matter what happens to our real bodies? If this starts taking place mass-scale, it's going to open up an interesting can of technologically-augmented worms.